Website Maintenance Update #2 – Darrell Davis

On Thursday March 14, 2019, after many hours of work behind the scenes the church website has been rebuild, given a totally new look, and was brought online.  The new site is based upon WordPress, a popular website content management system that will make posting information and updates much easier and more timely.  Thank you to everyone for your prayers to make this new website possible.  The following features are part of the new site.

  • A new sidebar that will show on every page that will show the memory verse of the week, missionary of the week, the latest post to our Facebook page, a new church calendar that is integrated to our website, and a site search engine.
  • A site that is more friendly and easily adapts automatically to being viewed in smartphone or tables.

Work continues on getting some additional content added and some things put right.  Work is also proceeding on uploading the backlog of sermons in our Sermon archive section.  First will be the sermons that Pastor Morales has preached since becoming pastor in October of 2018.  Then the sermons of Pastor Scott and Pastor Goodwin will be brought over next.  Your continued prayers for your webmaster is sincerely appreciated.

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