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Purpose of our Music Program

We unashamedly use only traditional Christian music in both our congregational singing and in our special music as well. The contemporary music used in many churches today does not in reality match the message in God's word of "we are in the world, but not of the world". The song of the Christian should be distinctively different that that of the world. Please look to the following article on the website of the Bible Broadcasting Network concerning this topic of Contemporary Music

Our church music ministry is diverse considering the size of our congregation. God has really blessed our church with a great music department. The following are photographs of those involved in our music department currently. We are always welcoming those who are willing to serve God with their musical talents

Those Involved in the Music Ministry

Brother Darrell Davis - Music Director:
  • Directing Congregration Music since 2006.
  • Been involved in church sacred music since 1986.
  • Serving also as church webmaster and sound operator.

Brother Mel Kurchak - Specials and Song Leading
  • Plays the guitar, organ, and harmonica.
  • Providing special music and song leading since 2007
  • Helps fill the pulpit when Pastor Goodwins requests for him to do so.

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