7/31/16 Morning Message
Psalm 36 – The Transgression Of The Wicked
7/27/16 Midweek Message
Ministry In An Unpopular Time
7/24/16 Afternoon Message
Psalm 1 – The Transgression Of The Wicked
7/24/16 Morning Message
What Must I Do To Be Saved?
7/17/16 Afternoon Message
Persecuted For Righteousness
7/17/16 Morning Message
Blessed Are The Pure In Heart
Clear Spiritual Vision…
7/13/16 Midweek Message
The Local Church and Church Attendance
7/17/16 Sunday School Lesson
Qualities of Leadership
7/10/16 Afternoon Message
Blessed Are The Pure In Heart
Clear Spiritual Vision…
7/10/16 Morning Message
Love Your Neighbor And Your Enemy
7/10/16 Sunday School Lesson
The Blessing Of A Cluttered Crib
6/19/16 Morning Message
Humble: The Poor In Spirit
3/06/16 Afternoon Message
What Is It To Be A Baptist
3/06/16 Sunday School Lesson
God’s Tool of Trials
3/06/16 Morning Message
Comforting The Afflicted
2/28/16 Sunday School Lesson
Godly Pursuit
2/28/16 Morning Message
Encouraged Himself In The Lord
2/21/16 Morning Message
What Is Missing Here?
2/21/16 Afternoon Message
Allowing God’s Love Through You
2/14/16 Afternoon Message
Kindness of Jesus Christ
2/07/16 Sunday School Lesson
Missions Trip To Costa Rica
2/14/16 Sunday School Lesson
Changed By His Love
2/14/16 Morning Message
The Power Of Influence
1/24/16 Morning Message
Living In Light Of His Coming
1/24/16 Afternoon Message
The Model Church
1/17/16 Morning Message
Making Decisions By Faith
1/17/16 Afternoon Message
Returning To God
1/17/16 Sunday School Lesson
Beware Of Too Much
1/03/16 Morning Message
Confidence In God
1/03/16 Afternoon Message