Getting Ready For The Ride
01/02/13 Midweek Message
Trusting the Trustworthy
01/16/13 Midweek Message
Dealing with the Sins of Others
Part 1 of 2
2/17/13 Morning Message
Dealing with the Sins of Others
Part 2 of 2
2/17/13 Afternoon Message
A Risen Saviour Makes the Difference
03/31/13 Morning Message
Dodging Discouragement in a
Wicked World
5/05/13 Morning Message
Keep Up the Good Work
5/12/13 Morning Message
Isaiah’s Examination of Christ
Part 1 of 2
5/26/13 Morning Message
Isaiah’s Examination of Christ
Part 2 of 2
5/26/13 Afternoon Message
Testing the Spirits
6/02/13 Morning Message
Taming the Tongue
6/02/13 Afternoon Message
The Power of Influence
6/16/13 Morning Message
The Waves of the World
6/19/13 Midweek Message
Harmony of Ministry
6/23/13 Morning Message
A Burden for the Lost
6/30/13 Morning Message
Beyond Comprehension
6/30/13 Afternoon Message
The Blessed Nation
7/03/13 Afternoon Message
A Great Picture of a Greater Person
7/07/13 Morning Message
Happy With What You Have
7/07/13 Afternoon Message
Be Kind
7/10/13 Midweek Message
Under Construction
7/14/13 Afternoon Messages
Gifted by God
7/21/13 Morning Message
Think About It
8/07/13 Midweek Message
Our Good Shepherd
Part 1 of 2
8/11/13 Morning Message
Our Good Shepherd
Part 2 of 2
8/11/13 Afternoon Message
Living a Life of Faith
8/25/13 Morning Message
Surviving the Stress
8/28/13 Midweek Message
Unstoppable Christians
Part 1 of 2
9/01/13 Morning Message
Unstoppable Christians
Part 2 of 2
9/01/13 Afternoon Message
Living for Christ in the Evil Day
9/08/13 Morning Message
The Heart of the Ministry
9/22/13 Afternoon Message
Sharing A Brother’s Burden
9/25/13 Midweek Message
God’s Plan to Reach the Lost
10/06/13 Morning Message
Authority God’s Way
10/09/13 Midweek Message
Examination of Halloween
10/23/13 Midweek Message
Giving With A Smile
10/27/13 Morning Message
A Useful Injury
10/27/13 Afternoon Message
Missions: God’s Plan for
Reaching the World
11/10/13 Sunday School
Financing Missions by Faith
11/10/13 Morning Message
A Clean Vessel – Part 1
11/17/13 Morning Message
Living in the Light of His Coming
11/17/13 Afternoon Message
In Everything Give Thanks
11/24/13 Morning Message
How to Pray for Missionaries
11/24/13 Afternoon Message
Christ In You:
The Light of the World
12/04/13 Midweek Message
Faith Cometh by Hearing
12/08/13 Afternoon Message
I Want Both
12/11/13 Midweek Message
A Clean Vessel – Part 2
12/18/13 Midweek Message
Changed by His Love
12/22/13 Morning Message
A Sanctified Servant
12/22/13 Afternoon Message
Examination of Christmas
12/25/13 Midweek Message
What God’s Goodness Means to Us
12/29/13 Morning Message