The Second Coming Of Christ
12/21/14 Morning Message
Commandments from Psalm 100
12/17/14 Midweek Message
Living For Others Compassion
12/10/14 Midweek Message
Church Discipline
12/07/14 Afternoon Message
How To Make Decision In The Will Of God
12/07/14 Sunday School
How Others Will Take Your Faith Seriously
12/03/14 Midweek Message
God’s Gift of Fellowship
11/30/14 Morning Message
The Importance of Thanksgiving
11/09/14 Afternoon Message
Our Faith, God’s Plan
11/09/14 Morning Message
What The Bible Say About Missions
11/09/14 Sunday School Lesson
10/12/14 Afternoon Message 10/12/14 Sunday School Lesson
Baptist Distinctives – Part 2
9/14/14 Afternoon Message
Obedience Is Better Than Sacrifice
9/14/14 Morning Message
Responding To A Wicked World
9/10/14 Midweek Message
How Do We Know?
Assurance We Have The Word of God
8/27/14 Midweek Message
Uncomfortable Authentic Worship
8/24/14 Morning Message
To Make a Difference You
You Must Be Different
8/24/14 Afternoon Message
Ready For Battle
8/17/14 Morning Message
Who Is Responsible For
The Souls Of The Lost?
8/03/14 Sunday School Lesson
The Wrong Party To Throw
8/13/14 Midweek Message
Six Truths through Trials
7/16/13 Midweek Message
Love Your Neighbor and Your Enemy
7/13/14 Afternoon Message
The Baptist Distinctives
7/13/14 Sunday School Lesson
Not Without Hope
7/13/14 Morning Message
Blessed Is The Nation
7/06/14 Morning Message
The Christian Response to Wrong
6/29/14 Morning Message
Honour Thy Father
6/15/14 Morning Message
Encouragement In The Lord
6/15/14 Afternoon Message
Spiritual Maintenance
6/08/14 Morning Message
Understanding the Word of God
6/08/14 Afternoon Message
Final Impact of God’s Word
5/25/14 Afternoon Message
Color Blind Christianity
5/25/14 Morning Message
A Tough Issue??
4/27/14 Afternoon Message
He Is Risen Just As He Said
4/20/14 Morning Message
The Significance of Sunrise
4/20/14 Sunrise Service
One Blood – The Biblical Answer to Racism
4/06/14 Sunday School Lesson
One Wave Can Turn the Tide
3/02/14 Morning Message
Finances – Having a Plan
3/30/14 Morning Message
Making the Sin List
3/30/14 Afternoon Message
The Blessing of a Dirty Crib
2/16/14 Morning Message
Obedient Faith, The Key to Fellowship
2/16/14 Afternoon Message
Living in light of His Resurrection
2/02/14 Morning Message
Living in the Present
1/15/14 Midweek Message
Purpose in Life
1/08/14 Midweek Message
A Right Resolution
Part 1 of 2
1/05/14 Morning Message
A Right Resolution
Part 2 of 2
1/05/14 Afternoon Message