A Successful Endeavor
12/27/15 Morning Message
Spiritual Maintenance
12/20/15 Morning Message
A Study In Prayer
12/20/15 Afternoon Message
Blessed Is The Nation…
11/29/15 Sunday School Lesson
Are You In Fellowship?
11/29/15 Morning Message
In Everything Give Thanks
11/25/15 Midweek Message
Finances: Giving By Faith
11/08/15 Sunday School Lesson
Biblical Giving:
God Financing Through You
11/08/15 Afternoon Message
Three Aspects Of Salvation
10/25/15 Sunday School Lesson
Fellowship: Protection from Despair and Doubt
10/18/15 Sunday School Lesson
Don’t Settle For A Shallow Substitute
10/11/15 Morning Message
Rest For The Weary
9/27/15 Morning Message
Spiritual Fitness
8/09/15 Morning Message
What’s Your Excuse?
7/26/15 Morning Message
What Should A Christian Look Like?
7/26/15 Afternoon Message
Biblical Defense Of Marriage
7/19/15 Afternoon Message
Contending For The Faith
7/26/15 Sunday School Lesson
Five Blessings Of An Active Prayer Life
7/19/15 Sunday School Lesson
Carrying Out Godly Spiritual Decisions
7/19/15 Morning Message
Communion – The Ordinance of Fellowship
7/12/15 Morning Message
Biblical Defense of Marriage
7/12/15 Afternoon Message
Response to Stress
7/12/15 Sunday School Lesson
Winning The Fight Of Temptation
Part 2 of 2
5/17/15 Afternoon Message
There Is Still Hope For You
5/17/15 Morning Message
Winning The Fight Of Temptation
Part 1 of 2
5/17/15 Sunday School Lesson
God’s Gift Of Mothers
5/10/15 Morning Message
The Value Of Children
5/10/15 Sunday School Lesson
Earth Day and the Bible
4/26/15 Afternoon Message
Biblical Authority
5/06/15 Midweek Message
The Silent Sin Of Worry
4/26/15 Morning Message
A Slave To Stuff
4/26/15 Sunday School Lesson
Thank God For A Good Church
4/12/15 Midweek Message
How Should The Rapture Change Us?
4/12/15 Sunday School Lesson
Say Something Nice
4/08/15 Midweek Message
Confidence Before God
4/01/15 Midweek Message
Responding to Adversity
3/29/15 Morning Message
2/22/15 Afternoon Message
God’s Love In Us
Love Miniseries – Part 2 of 3
2/15/15 Morning Message
Our Love For God – Part 3 of 3
Love Miniseries – Part 3 of 3
2/15/15 Afternoon Message
Our Love For Things
Love Miniseries – Part 1 of 3
2/15/15 Sunday School Lesson
Continuing on Prayer
2/01/15 Afternoon Message
Introduction to Prayer
2/01/15 Sunday School Lesson
What Must I Do To Be Saved?
2/01/15 Morning Message
The Line of Division
1/11/15 Morning Message
Under Construction
1/04/15 Morning Message
Running By Faith
1/04/15 Afternoon Message