Regular Services – 11/10/19  and 11/13/19:

Midweek Message:  The Voice of Thanksgiving – Topical Message

Sunday Afternoon Message:  Abundantly Satisfied – Topical Message

Sunday Morning Message:  The First Recorded Missionary Message – Acts 13:13-52 – Topical Message.

Sunday School Lesson:  The Address of the Angel and the Lord Jesus Christ – Part 1 – Revelation 22:5-10.

Regular Services – 11/03/19  and 11/06/19:

Midweek Message:  Being a Person of Thanks – Topical Message.

Sunday Afternoon Message:  Continue – Topical Message.

Sunday Morning Message:  Things Committed to your Trust – Topical Message.

Sunday School Lesson:  The River of Life and the Tree of Life – Revelation 22:1-4.

Regular Services – 10/27/19 and 10/30/19:

Midweek Message:  What Kind of Faith Do You Have?

Sunday Afternoon Message:  Missions to the Uttermost – Part 2 of 2.

Sunday Morning Message:   MIssions to the Uttermost – Part 1.

Sunday School Lesson:  Test Patterns of the Christian.