The following are activities that are related to life here at our church:

  • Sunday Fellowship Meal:  Held every Sunday afternoon, following the morning service, and before the afternoon service.
  • Church Visitation:  Held on Saturday morning.  When the members of the church go out either canvassing the area or follow up visits.
  • Monthly Youth Meeting:  Held on one Friday evening every month, the youth (6th through 12th grade) travel to another church of like faith for a youth meeting of the churches of like faith in Hardee, Highlands, Desoto, and Okeechobee Counties.
  • Monthly Social Activity:  We have a different kind of social activity on average each month.
  • Breakfast with the Pastor:  Held bi-monthly for those who are retired or available to have breakfast with Pastor Jordan.
  • Men's Prayer Breakfast.
  • Ladies' Prayer Breakfast.